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Pole Scabblers/Tampers

Lo Vibration Pole Scabblers & Tampers

A single product with many uses, the VL LRS55 can be used as a long reach scabbler or tamper depending on requirements. A simple change of head allows the use of the machine in completely different environments. As a scabbler, the VL LRS55 give the same level of scabbling performance which you would get from a hand-held scabbling hammer but give access to harder to reach areas. The changeable heads available allow for a different finish depending on requirements. As a tamper, the VL LRS55 give a much more refined compacting performance than you would get from the likes of a compaction plate. Perfect for work in confined areas where a full size plate or rammer wouldn't fit, the VL LRS55 give the same quality of performance but in a much more refined space.

Air Machine HS Code: 84 67 1900

Accessories HS Code: 84 67 9200

Pole Scabblers/Tampers

Trelawny VL LRS55 Service Kit

£56.48 £47.07

Trelawny Triple Headed Scaling Hammer (Cruciform Version)

£454.68 £378.90

Trelawny VL LRS55 Pole Scabbler 5 PT TCT Head

£1,029.24 £857.70

Trelawny VL LRS55 Pole Scabbler 9 PT TCT Head

£987.12 £822.60

Trelawny VL LRS55 Pneumatic Pole Tamper

£980.64 £817.20