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Needle/Chisel Scalers

Needle Scalers and Chisel Scalers

As the world's leading manufacturer of needle scalers, Trelawny have built a reputation for quality. We stock the full range of needle and chisel scalers including the low vibration Vibro-Lo scalers which greatly reduce the risk of hand and arm injury to the operator.

The diversity of the range allows for a huge range of scaling applications and the scaler kits help to extend the abilities of the scalers by including both needle and chisel scaler attachments allowing for the removal of not only rust, paint and other coatings but also more heavy duty applications.

Our Products

Trelawny VL223 Low Vibration Needle Scaler
£394.20 £328.50
Trelawny VL303 Low Vibration Needle Scaler
£421.20 £351.00
Trelawny 3mm Flat Tip Needles 1B - 6 sets of 12
£29.05 £24.21
Trelawny 3mm Needle Holder VL303
£41.15 £34.29
Trelawny 3mm Stainless Steel Flat Tip Needles - Box of 500
£477.36 £397.80
7" Pneumatic Angle Grinder
£410.40 £342.00

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