Trelawny TCG250 Flexi Grind 110V Floor Grinder With Disc


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Trelawny’s single head grinders are suitably designed for the preparation and levelling of concrete floor areas of small to medium size.
Its robust simple design makes the TCG 250 range of machines ideal for both the specialist flooring contractor and the construction hire industry.

APPLICATIONS for TCG250 Flexi Grind

- Level concrete high spots
- Repair rain damaged concrete slabs
- Remove grease and ice deposits from cold stores
- Removal of rubber carpet backing using wire brushes

  • Specifications
SKU 345.2002D
Manufacturer Part No. 345.2002D
Vibro Lo Yes
Power (W) 1.8 Kw
Disc Size 250 mm
Cutter Speed 540 rpm
Cutting Width 250 mm
Voltage 110V
Power HP 2.5
Dimensions (mm) 1100 x 450 x 980 mm
Weight (kg) 90.0000
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