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Trelawny Quick Release Holding Plate


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Quick Overview

The Trelawny Pneumatic TCG250/TCG500 Floor Grinders Machine features a quick release holding plate. This innovative accessory replaces fixed discs, allowing users to take full advantage of the Trelawny flexible grinding system for increased productivity and efficiency on the job site.

The quick release holding plate is designed to work seamlessly with the Trelawny Pneumatic TCG250/TCG500 Floor Grinders Machine, ensuring a secure and reliable connection. Its user-friendly design makes it easy to install and remove, without requiring any special tools or training. Plus, its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance and exceptional value for money.

By using the quick release holding plate with Trelawny discs, you'll have the flexibility to tackle a wide range of grinding applications, from concrete surface preparation to removing coatings and finishes. Its superior performance and ease of use make it an essential accessory for any professional floor grinding job, providing maximum versatility and efficiency for all your grinding needs.

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SKU 350.5660
Length 250.0000
Width 250.0000
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