Medium Duty

Medium Duty Needle Scalers and Chisel Scalers

As the world's leading manufacturer of needle scalers, Trelawny have built a reputation for quality.

These medium duty needle scalers and chisel scalers provide more power than the basic light scalers allowing for a wider range of applications. As well providing a greater level of paint removal, rust removal, stone chipping, brick cleaning and weld dressing than their lighter counterparts, these tools are also used for salt water corrosion removal and as a pointing tool for mortar removal. Due to the heavier duty nature of these machines, they also come in TVS (Trelawny Vacuum System) variations which allow attachments for the dust extraction system built specifically by Trelawny for these machines.

Medium Duty

Trelawny 2B Chisel Scaler

£227.88 £189.90

Trelawny 2B Needle Scaler

£227.88 £189.90

Trelawny 2B Needle Scaler with TVS

£259.20 £216.00

Trelawny 2BPG Chisel Scaler

£243.00 £202.50

Trelawny 2BPG Needle Scaler

£243.00 £202.50

Trelawny 2BPG Needle Scaler with TVS

£248.40 £207.00