Light Duty

Light Duty Needle Scalers and Chisel Scalers

As the world's leading manufacturer of needle scalers, Trelawny have built a reputation for quality.

These light duty needle scalers and chisel scalers can be used for a wide variety of applications such as paint removal, rust removal, stone cleaning, stone chipping, brick cleaning, restoration and other similar surface preparation uses

Light Duty

Trelawny 1B Chisel Scaler

Ex VAT: £160.20

Trelawny 1B Needle Scaler with 2mm Flat Tip Needles

Ex VAT: £170.10

Trelawny 1B Needle Scaler with 3mm Chisel Tip Needles

Ex VAT: £160.20

VL219E Electric Needle / Chisel Scaler

Ex VAT: £0.00