Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Needle Scalers and Chisel Scalers

As the world's leading manufacturer of needle scalers, Trelawny have built a reputation for quality.

These are the most powerful needle scalers and chisel scalers on offer, providing the power required for heavy duty applications. These are best suited for work removing heavy rust or scale build up as well as large volumes of paint from steel structures (such as ships and off-shore oil platforms), cleaning concrete from contractors plant equipment as well as stippling concrete for keying or decorative finishes. Due to the heavier duty nature of these machines, they also come in TVS (Trelawny Vacuum System) variations which allow attachments for the dust extraction system built specifically by Trelawny for these machines.

Heavy Duty

Trelawny 3BPG Needle Scaler with TVS

£253.80 £211.50